First Time Dog Owner? Here Are Tips to Help You Adapt Faster

November 25, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Congratulations! As you’ve decided to adopt a dog, your life is about to be filled with a truckload of joy and cuteness. But first things first, are you feeling overwhelmed? Scared? Having second thoughts? Or maybe you’re just exhausted by the thought of having another being to care for. Your feelings are valid, but let’s explore the truth.

Buying a puppy for the first time will be a rollercoaster, but along the line, it starts getting better as a connection will ensue between you and your furry friend. You cannot skip this initial process as it will help you understand your dog better, however adapting to it may prove to be a challenge. This is why we’re giving you some pointers to help you adapt faster to your new living arrangement.

  • Get a collar and a leash

This is the first thing you should do after buying a puppy. You can decide to call your puppy anything you like but your address must be inclusive in his name tag in case he gets missing. Now the leash can be used when he reaches about 8 weeks for park walks and other stuff but you must remember to get him a little dog bell as well. This is because as a new dog owner, it is possible to forget you have a furry new family member from time to time. So, attaching a little bell to his collar will inform you of his presence so you don’t forget to do things like feeding him or changing his litter when he comes of age. Doing this will keep you grounded and help you adapt faster.

  • Create a sleeping area

If your dog hasn’t been housetrained, you may want to create a separate area where it can sleep. If you don’t have a doggy bed you can create one and it’s really simple. Stuff an old sweater of yours with foam or teddy bear stuffing and sew it shut. The arms should be sewn to each other and then close the seam. This should be good enough for a while before you can get a real dog bed. Also, you should put water close to the bed just so they can drink it whenever they get thirsty.

  • Have friends over

Invite your friends to come over to your house to see your new dog and watch your dog’s interaction with them. Remember unless your dog is for security rather than as a house pet, there’s no need for him to be hostile to guests. Also, just to make your dog or pup accustomed to you, spend some time with him. Try teaching him simple commands and reward him treats too. This will help him get more accustomed to you as his new master and consequently see your friends as his friends too. This is all in a bid for socialization.

Adapting to living with a dog for a first-time owner may take some time, but it does get easier with each day. You’ll need patience and a whole lot of treats to really get the hang of it, but what’s certain is that once a bond is established, your dog will never forget you.

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