What Diet is Best for Your New Puppy

November 25, 2019

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The first days of your puppy’s life are the most demanding when it concerns his/her diet. As you will be concerned about your puppy’s health, giving the appropriate diet will help your pooch develop a better life, but it will enable it to have a healthy diet lifestyle.

While some puppy dieticians insist on freshly cooked diets because of its natural vitamins and nutrient constitution, others fancy the nutritional processed puppy foods.

Some Processed Puppy Healthy Diets

  • Kibble

This is the delight of all puppies and it contains the basic nutrients and a balanced diet for puppies. It is also one of the most economical dog foods that any pet owner can afford and the best part is that your puppy will surely fall in love with it.

  • Canned food

Canned foods are also a good diet for your puppy and it comes with all the required nutrients for a balanced and appropriate diet for your canine. A healthy treat of canned sardines, salmon, and tuna are perfect suppliers of protein and omega 3 for your puppy’s nutrition. They are often a little pricy for budget shoppers.

  • The semi-moist foods

This has the semblance of hamburgers and usually comes in packs per serving. Your puppy will find this palatable. If you find fresh food attractive for your puppies, here is a couple of recommended diet for your puppy.

  • Raw meat

From either chicken, turkey, pork, duck, lamb, or beef can be minced and given to the puppy. You can also add a little raw egg to double as protein. Agreeably, some people worry about the blood taste of raw meat for the young puppy, but that is an unnecessary worry as the dogs will not taste it. Another concern is the breed you have. Some dog breeds do not tolerate raw meat, but cooked meat. What you need is to double-check with the breeder about the diet requirement for your puppy to be safe.

  •  “Give a dog a bone”

your dog will not be upset when you hand him some healthy bones for added calcium and fiber. What you need to watch out for is onions. Onions are toxic for dogs. Additionally, bones are helpful in the combat against plaque from the teeth. So if you want to avoid your pooch from growing those annoying patches behind their teeth, “toss your puppy a crunchy bone” you will be pleased you did.

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