Three Most Intelligent Designer Dog Breeds

December 19, 2019

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Designer dog breeds are not just exotic for their looks, a lot of them possess immeasurable qualities like intelligence, loyalty, resilience, and so many others. Studies have also shown that designer breeds are healthier than their purebred relatives. This is because the purebred counterparts practice a lot of inbreeding which immediately predisposes them to specific illnesses.  

These and infinite other reasons are why they’re highly coveted in the dog world. Now, because of their high demand, a lot of intending dog owners and curious individuals also want to know which breeds are the most intelligent in the pack.  

  1. Goldendoodles 

As you know, Golden retrievers are very common in the US. They are even seen as the ideal family breed and they have looks that can kill. Now, Golden Retrievers are very smart no doubt but the intelligence of Poodles has been praised for decades. Hence, can you imagine the combined intelligence of both breeds bestowed on a single puppy? Yes, that’s right, the goldendoodle is all shades of amazing. Not only are they cute, but they are also very sensitive and can be easily trained. This designer breed excels in obedience-based training and competitions as well.  

  1. Aussiedoodle 

The Aussiedoodle and the Goldendoodle have a similar parent, the Poodle. However, they’re more of cousins than siblings. This is because the Aussiedoodle is the offspring of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. You can say this offspring inherited the best traits from both parents because they’re as intelligent as the poodle and they’re even called ‘Einsteins’. The Aussiedoodle has a high exercise need and this is why they’re perfect family dogs as they can run all day with kids. They are equally sensitive to commands and sounds, hence they are great as watchdogs as well. 

  1. Morkie 

Morkies are designer breeds. They are the offspring of a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. They may be small and energetic but this breed checks off all the criteria for breed intelligence. Their miniature size makes them perfect for urban dwellers, but unfortunately, they lean more towards the yappy side. Morkies are very playful which is why they are great for kids. They require a lot of exercise and are easy to train as well. If you’re looking for a bubbly and purely intelligent breed with a fair amount of attention span, then the Morkie is all you need. 

Designer dog breeds have an edge over the purebreds in terms of health quality, physical traits and even emotional intelligence. These breeds aren’t called hybrid for no reason, they’re designed to be better than their parent breeds and possess the solution to one or two problems as well.

Now, as expected these designer breeds will possess a higher intellectual ability than their parents and this piece highlights three of such breeds. Looking to adopt either of these breeds or anyone of your choice? PremierPups has a vast number of healthy puppies all in need of warm and loving homes this season. 



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