Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Shorkie 

February 1, 2020

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Shorkies are known and loved for their cuteness, petite-framed, cheerful temperament, loyalty, and confidence, nothing beats the feeling of stroking the soft furry long hair. If you are a lover of this adorable puppy or you are looking for some chubby pal to take home, stick around and discover some amazing facts and reasons to love this charming bundle more. 

What crosses the mind of anyone meeting the shorkie for the first time is a charming, cool, happy dog but surely not a designer puppy with a huge personality. A beautiful breed from the ancestry of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terrier, the shorkie is one with an awesomely sharp mind, pride, and tons of energy. They are usually high-spirited and look forward to fetch-playing every day. Squeaky toys are their favorite play companion and can keep themselves busy with them for a while.  

If you plan on spending some part of the day away, your Shorkie should be left with some interactive toys, that way you will come home to a happy and sane dog.  

  • They come in different fur colors 

What color would you like your shorkie to wear? Gold with black, grey with black, tan, red, multicolored? Whatever your fur-color preferences are you can have them in a shorkie. 

  • They dislike crates 

Shorkies are attention seekers and hates being alone in their crate for long. They wouldn’t mind clawing their paws and fingers to bleed just to get off the crate and jump unto the owner’s lap. 

  • They are not a food fan too 

Despite their chubby look, Shorkies are not heavy eaters like anyone would assume. All they need is a well-balanced meal of dry kibble designed for small dogs, especially when you don’t want to deal with tooth decay and gum issues. 

  • They have a little headiness 

They are so adorable and loves to play but when it comes to handling training tasks, these cuties can be a tad stubborn and this is quite understandable based on its parent bred. This fact may make it a little difficult in training but with frequent treats, no-punishment, all forms of positive reinforcements will get your cute heady Buddie complying. And the training should be consistent too. 

  • Did you know your fascinating shorkie may dread exercise?  

Who could have imagined that an energetic, intelligent, vibrant, and bouncy puppy like this could require less exercise? So, you must be careful not to stress it, you don’t even need a park jogging. To have a happy shorkie, allow it some 30minutes intensive playtime and watch it glow gleefully. 

  • They love cuddles.  

Being a cheerful bundle of joy, shorkies are hug lovers, one of its best moments are when they are treated to warm hugs and their petite form makes everyone crave for it too. But a little care should be given when kids are involved in the cuddling spree. 

  • Did you know they could play the “guard dog”?  

Unbelievable! Because your idea of a guard dog is a large dog but when you have an intelligent and cute shorkie that barks, be rest assured that they will alert you on the arrival of a stranger or an intruder.   

Shorkies are lovable puppies and a great company always, having caring and loving owners are what they desire most because of their demand for cuddles and company. So, when you are looking for a smart, snugly, and cheerful lap puppy, you will find one at PremierPups 





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