Just How Intelligent Is the Poodle

February 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

 The poodle breed is popular for a lot of reasons but its intelligence reigns supreme. Poodles are naturally smart dogs with or without training. They are known for their immediate response to commands, ascertainment of body language amongst other things. Now, the poodle is considered the second most intelligent dog breed on the planet, but here’s the question, just how intelligent is the poodle? What intelligence criteria do this particular breed meet that others don’t and why can’t others meet these criteria? This piece is highlighting some plausible answers to these questions in a bid to further understand the fluffy-haired breed.   

Dog Intelligence Tests  

Even as the poodle is known for exhibiting tricks, obeying commands and excelling in competitive sports, there’s more to its IQ than this. Now, for dog breeds all over the world, there are certain tests that are conducted to measure the intelligence of the dog. These tests are based on vocal commands. Hence, a dog is tested on its ability to learn a new command and judged on the number of repetitions needed for him to grasp the command. Also, a dog’s ability to identify and respond to a known command on his first attempt is also classified as a percentage. Now, when the poodle was subjected to these tests it was gathered that they outranked all potential competitors and came second to the Border Collie.  

Poodles are so intelligent and the results of the tests proved that they can learn a new command under 5 repetitions, and respond to a known one with 95% accuracy which is absolutely awesome. Bear in mind that average breeds need about 25-40 repetitions per new command and the Poodle’s ability to respond under 5 repetitions singles them out from the crowd.   

Classification of Intelligence  

Now, poodles are very intelligent, the test proves that. But, why exactly are they so smart? It’s true that dog intelligence is determined based on its instinctive/adaptive intelligence as well as obedience. Now, instinctive intelligence is the measure of the dog’s ability to satisfy his innate purpose.  

The poodle was initially bred to retrieve water-bound game like ducks. Hence, you can say the Poodle is instinctively intelligent because the breed is one of the best swimmers for dogs, thus making game retrieval quite easier. In terms of adaptive intelligence AKA what the dog can learn for himself along the way based on what he sees, hears or experiences, it’s expected that the poodle excels. Lots of poodle owners have testaments on what their dog does that’s a reflection of what he’s seen and not what he’s been trained to know.   

The Poodle’s intelligence is irrefutable and even as they’re basically Nobel Laureates of the dog world, they are also very sweet and playful breeds too. Poodles are excellent companions and did we mention they are hypoallergenic too? Hence, they are so many reasons why you should adopt a poodle and PremierPups has so many adorable poodles in different coat colors for the taking.   



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