Allergic To Puppies? These Three Breeds Are Perfect For You

April 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A lot of people crave the love, joy, affection, not to mention fun that puppies bring into one’s existence. Sadly, not everyone can actually experience these subliminal feelings from puppies because of their allergies. Puppy allergies are a real thing and occur when people are seen to cough, sneeze or have some type of allergic reaction when they’re in close proximity to a puppy. Now, some puppy breeds are more likely to be allergenic than others. With over 200 known distinct puppy breeds, it’s no surprise why some breeds would be hypoallergenic. Here are some puppy breeds that are ideal for people with puppy allergies.

Now before we begin the countdown, there’s something you should know. There is no puppy breed that is fully hypoallergenic. However, the following ones shed less and therefore release less allergy-triggering dander into the air. Thus reducing the rate of an allergic reaction. You may still cough, sneeze or have a reaction with the following hypoallergenic puppy breeds, but the frequency at which you would in comparison with other non-hypoallergenic breeds will be far less. Here they are:

  1. Maltese

Maltese is an incredibly adorable puppy breed. They are petite breeds whose short coats shed minimally. This breed has a single coat of white hair and is void of an undercoat. This hair is hypoallergenic and it grows straight. The Maltese puppy breed is cute, super cuddly and expels little dander into the air. Thus, for a puppy, the Maltese is a pretty great catch that’s also well suited for puppy-allergic individuals.

  1. Poodle

The Poodle is one of the most popular puppy breeds in existence. This breed is known for its unrivaled intelligence and excellent companionship. Although they are as fluffy as a stuffed animal, their wooly coats are non-shedding. Thus their dander constituent is far below that of other breeds. The poodle is a friendly, easily trained, obedient yet high-maintenance puppy breed.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are cute little puppy breeds that have a ton of energy. This puppy breed neither sheds nor gives off a lot of dander. Matter of fact Yorkies do not have fur but actual hair which is why they are non-triggering. However, with such an excellent breed you can expect a ton of grooming as well as exercise to look up to.

  1. Havanese

This bubbly puppy breed looks like it’s covered in a blanket of hair. The Havanese puppy breed has a silky coat of hair that has a very minute dander. This breed neither sheds nor drools often which is why they’re great for people with dog allergies. However, regular grooming is important when adopting this breed.

Living with dog allergies shouldn’t negate one from experiencing the pleasures in raising a puppy. Luckily, with either of these breeds, your puppy dreams will come through despite your allergies. Where to get them? PremierPups has tons of adorable hypoallergenic puppy breeds in need of new homes. 


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