Does Your Puppy Have Itchy Ears? Here’s Why

April 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As much as most puppies scratch their ears every now and then which could be completely normal for some, however, for others it could be a sign of something direr than you anticipated. Intense itchy ears for puppies can be very infuriating for them as there’s a lot of scratching, head shaking and sleepless nights especially when both ears are involved.

Thus, as a disclaimer, it’s safe to say that if your puppy starts scratching his/her ears more often than not, it might be time to make a vet’s appointment.

This piece is highlighting plausible reasons as to why your puppy is having itchy ears in a bid to understand the situation and figure out your best line of action. 

Reason #1- It Could be a Parasite

The ears are a part of the body for both dogs and humans, and even as adorable as they make puppies look, they are usually the problem spot for external parasites. From the microscopic ear mites to mange mites, fleas and not to mention, ticks, these parasites truncate the happiness and comfort of your puppy and leave them in a constant scratch war with their ears.

Now if your puppy is affected by external parasites, there should be evidence on his skin and ears, and as a remedy, you’ll want to purchase anti-parasitic shampoos, and whatever the vet recommends.

Reason #2- Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are notoriously itchy for both humans and puppies and even though they’re mostly secondary to allergic skin disease in puppies, they can still occur on their own. When dealing with a puppy with itchy ears due to whatever prognosis, remember that the vet’s recommendation is supreme and you should never take matters into your own hands no matter how good your intentions are.

Reason #3- Foreign Bodies

Your puppy could be scratching his ears because something that has no place inside his ears has set up camp in there and he’s trying to get it out. This could be anything from grass awns, foxtails, paper towels or cotton swabs left behind after a cleanse. In essence, if you don’t see any parasitic scarring or discoloration in your puppy’s ears, you can take a look inside his ears to see if you probably left your keys in there. And when you do find them, drive him to the vet for a proper physical exam.

What Can You Do?

If your puppy can’t seem to catch a break from scratching his ears, you should not hesitate to book that vet’s appointment. However, as a preventive measure for itchy ears, you can perform the following activities.

  1. Check your puppy’s ears every week and bring any case of redness, swelling or discoloration to your vet’s attention.
  2. Clean your puppy’s ears regularly to prevent bacterial infestation and infection.
  3. Keep your puppy’s hairy ears groomed and well pruned.
  4. Keep to vet’s appointments

Itchy ears can cause grave discomfort in the lives of sweet, vulnerable puppies and it’s always best to seek professional advice in anything that has to do with the health and happiness of your furry little friends.

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