Three Must-have Items To Welcome Your New Puppy

April 1, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Getting ready to take your new puppy home might just be one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. However, before you ride the rainbows, you’ll need to prepare for the storms. As an expectant puppy parent, there are lots of items you’ll need to purchase or make in preparation for your little furry one. These items could span from necessities to leisure as they could be for the growth, comfort, development, training or entertainment of your new one.

Not sure what these items are? Not to worry, permit this piece to be your puppy antenatal shop list. Let’s start with the three absolute must-haves.

  1. Collar

A puppy’s collar is so much more than a name tag. It represents his roots which in this case is its owner, but most importantly it is a symbol of ownership. Should your puppy ever go missing, it shows that your puppy is claimed/owned by you and this saves him/her from being taken to a dog shelter when found.

Dog collars come in different types. There’s the conventional, easy-accessible one which looks like a choker or a neckpiece and there’s one which is in a digital chip form. The conventional collar displays the puppy’s name and the address of its owner at a glance, while the digital one offers more than just your puppy’s name. It gives off a digital print with which you can use to track your puppy should he ever go missing.

  1. Food

Your newborn puppy will survive on milk for a few weeks, but after that, they’ll require solid food. Hence, you’ll need to go shopping for vet-recommended dry and wet dog food just to set the tone for your puppy’s arrival. This way you’ll be saving yourself a trip to the store when your puppy finally comes home and have even more time to nurture and care for him.

As a disclaimer, there are millions of distinct dog foods out there and you’re likely to be confused on which to purchase. This is the reason you need your vet’s recommendations. Get a food bowl too while you’re at the store

  1. Bed

Your new puppy will need a place to sleep which shouldn’t be on the cold floor. Puppies are fragile and they need all the warmth they can get. You may want to make them sleep with you on your bed but bear in mind that your puppy isn’t yet house trained. Hence, he requires his own bed. There are tons of comfy dog beds all over the internet or you can decide to make one of your own via some DIY tips online. Whatever you end up going with, be sure it’s comfortable and warm enough for your puppy.

As you prepare to receive your new puppy into your abode, some things need to be put in order first. These items are must-haves and they ensure your puppy’s comfort as well as its survival. PremierPups has beautiful puppies ready to be welcomed into your home, all you need to do is contact them. 


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