The Pomeranian Dog! See Big 6 Things You Didn’t Know.

April 22, 2022

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The Pomeranian dog breed is known for being very playful, curious, and courageous. They are small dogs with a long thick double coat that need some grooming. The Pomeranian puppy is a very loving and loyal dog who will want to be with you all the time.

They were originally bred as a companion dogs to the aristocracy in Germany. Pomeranians are extremely sociable dogs and will want to be with people at all times. They tend to bark a lot so may not be ideal for apartment living or for those who can not give them enough attention and exercise.

If you do not have the time to spend exercising your dog every day they tend to become hyperactive and destructive.

The Pomeranian Dog And Their Amazing History

The Pomeranian dog is a spitz breed. They wore bred to be small enough to fit in a large pocket, yet have a foxy face and bushy tail. Their long double coat can be any color, ranging from white to red, brown, black, orange, or a mixture of colors.

The Pomeranian dog is an intelligent and lively dog that needs much companionship and thrives on human interaction.

The ancestors of the Pomeranian were bred by the Vikings and were used as sled dogs. Later on, they were bred with Asian breeds like the Spitz. The result of this was a small dog that had all kinds of colors in its fur and was very popular among aristocrats in Europe. This dog was known for being very smart, lively, and energetic.

The Pomeranian has been around for hundreds and even thousands of years, but it wasn’t until 1891 that it was recognized by the AKC as an official breed. The Pomeranian has changed dramatically over time, though, becoming smaller and more refined than its ancestors.

Today they make very good family dogs due to their intelligence, affectionate nature, and low grooming needs.

The Pomeranian Dog And Their Shedding Levels

Pomeranians shed quite a bit year-round. They will lose their undercoat twice per year: once in spring and once in fall. The process lasts about two weeks each time.

It starts with profuse shedding which leads up to complete baldness with sore patches all over their body. During this time they are more susceptible to skin infections and parasite infestations so you need to keep a close eye on them during these times.

The best way to keep your Pomeranian healthy is by grooming him regularly. Brushing his coat every day will help stimulate his skin’s natural oil production.

A Pomeranian’s coat requires a good deal of care and attention, but the hard work is worth it once you see the beautiful show quality coat your dog can have!

The Pomeranian Dog Makes A Very Good Watchdog

Most Pomeranians are alert and lively, with a keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell. They tend to be very vocal dogs who do not bark frequently, but they will bark when they hear a strange noise or when they want something.

Be aware that this trait can make them a nuisance if they are left alone too often. Poms need to be kept on a leash at all times in public as they are exuberant dog that loves to run and play.

If you have small children in the home, you will want to supervise your Pomeranian dog as he or she may snap or nip at the child if teased or hurt, if it is not been properly trained before.

Pomeranian dogs are very intelligent and they love to learn new tricks, and training should start early in the dog’s life.

The Pomeranian Dog Is One Of The Smallest Dogs Ever

The Pomeranian is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. As such, it is not surprising that this little dog comes with a big personality. It is an affectionate companion that enjoys playing with its owner and other dogs. Due to its energetic nature, it is not suited to living alone for long periods.

The Pomeranian Dog And Their Adorable Personality

The Pomeranian dog can be stubborn at times, but this trait is common among small dogs. It responds well to training and is eager to please its owner. This little dog can become overly protective if it feels threatened or senses danger.

This breed loves to be around people and thrives on interaction. They are considered to be a highly intelligent breed that can adapt well to almost any household environment. The Pomeranian dog, however, is not recommended for families with children because of its very small size and delicate bones, which can easily be damaged by rough play.

The Pomeranian Dog And Training

Pomeranians are intelligent and learn quickly if they are trained properly from an early age. Obedience training can help curb any aggressive tendencies the dog may exhibit during playtime or when it feels threatened by another animal or person.

Timing is key to Pomeranian training. Dogs learn more quickly when their right or wrong decisions are reinforced in real time.

Always reward your Pomeranian dog within 10 seconds of his good behavior. If you can’t get a treat right away, he might not understand what he did right and think that his good behavior wasn’t received.

Pomeranians are intelligent dogs, and if you use the right approach they can be easy to train.

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Named after the region of Pomerania in Germany, also commonly known as the or Pom Pom was first recognized as a descendent of the Wolfspitz breed. They originally were larger and were used as sheep herders. It became a popular breed in England in the 1800 year, when Queen Victoria adopted one.


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